warm december

December 14, 2015

I scored these babies during Black Friday weekend and got them for a pretty good deal! With my height, it makes it super hard to find riding boots that fit me well. Most riding boots hit into my knee and it just doesn't look right. After two years of trying to find riding boots that are fit for me, I gave up in time for the over-the-knee boots trend. I tried on a few but none fit like this one. I'm obsessed with them and will be wearing them most of this upcoming season!
The weather has been amazing the past week! It's 60 degrees in December in NYC! That never happens but I wish it would stay like this for the rest of the winter. Being able to wear dresses without tights and being able to go out with no jacket is wonderful, this is how Californians must feel. I love the look of dresses or shorts with over-the-knee boots! 

Balmain x H&M

December 7, 2015

Yet another year of H&M collabs, I knew I wanted this t-shirt in the Balmain x H&M. It's so simple but as I always say, simplicity is key sometimes. There were tons of fashion websites with leaks of the collection ahead of time and looking through the collection, most things were just too flashy for my liking. I absolutely LOVED the beaded, embellished blazer but I know I wouldn't be able to rock it so it would be a waste since it was around $500 if I remember correctly. 
Last year I remember I was in my Event Planning class, about to present my project but still trying to get into the H&M site on my phone and my laptop. I was lucky enough to get 4 things in the Alexander Wang x H&M collection (I have a blog post about the items.) This year's collab was SO much harder to get into. The site was crashed.. you would think that H&M would get their shit together knowing that there's going to be an enormous amount of people trying to get into the site. The collection released at 8am and I was repeatedly trying to refresh and I finally got in at 8:47.. that's 47 minutes after release and everything (besides ugly stuff) was sold out. I was so frustrated because I really wanted the t-shirt! Luckily, one of my friends, hi heej peej, went to H&M in times square and she was able to get these two shirts for me! We both initially wanted the men's ones but they got sold out by the time she got in. The lettering is written in a velvet-like material, which I personally like. I wish I worked at H&M during this collab because employees got a different Balmain x H&M shirt that looked even cooler. But, I know it got pretty chaotic in other countries.. I came across some ridiculous videos. People are crazy.

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