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October 19, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
Stumbled upon this fascinating wall while scrolling through my Instagram feed (which is how I find most of the artsy, hipster places I go to) and knew I had to come here with my fellow art appreciator bestie. We were in the area so we decided to stop by and snap some photos. 
On her instagram (@benevelynce) I snapped a pic of her standing slanted and it was just amazing, it makes me laugh just thinking about it. She tried to do the same for me, but I was so slanted that it was so funny. We laughed and laughed forever. We had such an amusing time here at this wall. The background is very busy yet simple at the same time. It's weird. But I like it.

blue hues

October 16, 2015

Photos by Kyle Braganza
Something about these photos feel so refreshing; I think it's the blue hues. I'm pretty much in denial that it's no longer summer, which is why I threw on my thigh highs and wow was I underdressed that day. It was a pretty nice day but walking along the water plus later at night was not too good for my body temperature especially since I get cold easily.
We visited Brooklyn Bridge Park this day and o m g, it took us about an hour just to find parking! It was pretty ridiculous but that's dumbo for ya. I suggest commuting or taking a cab so you don't have to deal with parking. I finally got to see the Mirror Labyrinth exhibit. There were so many little kids running around. Overall, it was okay. I thought it was going to be more fascinating but it was still a dope concept in a great location.

inVEST in stripes

October 12, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
I have about 5 black and white striped shirts and I still find myself gravitating towards them while shopping. I can't help it, I love black & white stripes! They go with anything and you can dress them up or down, and versatility is important. Stripes are definitely worth the investment because I guarantee you will wear them for years and years!
Yes, another outfit with a lack of color, but somehow I always put together a black and white outfit. After taking these photos, I actually got sick because this day was so chilly and wearing a t-shirt was just not cutting it. I had a trench coat with me but these few minutes taking photos without a jacket really affected me. Scared about the winter days when it's going to be 20 degrees. But you gotta do what you gotta do and it is likely I'll be freezing my booty off trying to take some blog posts, especially if my outfits cute, can't waste a cute #ootd! 

doctor who?

October 8, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
Whenever I wear this long-lined blazer, someone always tells me I look like a doctor! I must admit, from the back I do look like one. Last week, we had a cold front here in NYC so it was COLD; it was like a sneak peek of winter and I wasn't feelin' it one bit. This past week warmed up and it felt more like fall, which was nice. The next few days are cooling down to the 60s, and I would prefer 70s, but 60s is better than 40s and 50s. 
This outfit seriously makes me miss summer and how I could just walk out of my house in shorts and I'd be fine. Now it's time to layer and soon enough we're going to be walking out in bulky winter clothing. Don't get me wrong, I love love layering, but it's one of those times when you want what you don't got and I want the warmer weather back.

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