inVEST in stripes

October 12, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
I have about 5 black and white striped shirts and I still find myself gravitating towards them while shopping. I can't help it, I love black & white stripes! They go with anything and you can dress them up or down, and versatility is important. Stripes are definitely worth the investment because I guarantee you will wear them for years and years!
Yes, another outfit with a lack of color, but somehow I always put together a black and white outfit. After taking these photos, I actually got sick because this day was so chilly and wearing a t-shirt was just not cutting it. I had a trench coat with me but these few minutes taking photos without a jacket really affected me. Scared about the winter days when it's going to be 20 degrees. But you gotta do what you gotta do and it is likely I'll be freezing my booty off trying to take some blog posts, especially if my outfits cute, can't waste a cute #ootd! 


  1. Cute photos! We need to shoot each other hehe x

    1. Yes I loveeee being behind the camera :)


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