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September 18, 2014

When I was a sophomore in high school, I cut my hair up to my shoulders, and I pretty much regretted it.  I told myself I would never have short hair again because of that haircut.  It took me years to get my hair at this length, with a few haircuts to cut off the dead ends.  I had this 'ombre' look for the past year but it was more of a natural 'ombre.'  I didn't purposely dye my hair like that, it was my previous hair dye that grew out into an ombre-like effect.  People always comment about my ombre hair and I just always thought that was funny.  Well anyway, recently my friends found a groupon deal at a salon called Asanda Aveda Spa Lounge for a shampoo + haircut + hair treatment for $49, and we all decided to buy it.  We typically go to asian places, but we wanted to feel the luxurious feeling of being pampered like in the city salons.

This is the after picture of my new hair.  When I first got it cut I was glad it wasn't TOO short, but now that I've had it for a week, I kinda want to get it cut maybe two inches shorter.  I am a little asian girl with that natural baby face, but with my short hair I look at least 18 now (I'm 20 btw.)  To talk about my experience at Asanda Aveda, I had a 4:00 appointment with Kaprisha.  My mom and I got there early, around 3:20, and when we went upstairs there were several people waiting already.  Once you check-in with the front desk they offer you complimentary water or tea.  There weren't many places to sit in the front of the salon but I overheard that there were more seating areas in the back of the salon.  Kaprisha was ready for me at around 4:05, I was a little nervous because I had class at 7 back in Queens.  Kaprisha was sassy.  I love sassy.  Her assistant was Fei (not sure about that spelling) but she was sweet, she washed my hair, and did the botanical treatment for me.  I thought the botanical treatment would take longer but it only took 5 minutes.  My treatment was for damaged hair since my hair was so damaged and dry from previous perms and dyes (it doesn't look dry in the picture but in person it was.)  I told Kaprisha what length I wanted and that I wanted long layers.  Overall, I really liked the haircut, but she layered it more than I would have liked.  Including tip and everything, this haircut came out to $80.  In my opinion, it was not worth it, it was a great experience to go to a 'fancier' salon, but I think I'm going to stick to my $30 Chinatown haircuts.

what's in my cosmetic bag

September 10, 2014

All my make up products stuffed in one little cosmetic bag.  I bought this cosmetic bag over a year ago from Forever 21 for about $5.  The gold metallic triangles are starting to fade, and strings are starting to show, but what to expect from a $5 cosmetic bag.  Over the past year I've purchased a lot more make up products (especially eyebrows) so my cosmetic bag is getting a little crammed.  I've been trying to look for a designer cosmetic case but I haven't found anything I absolutely love.

If you know me, I am NOT a make up type of girl.  I cannot put on eyeshadow for the life of me, I don't know the difference between contouring and highlighting.  Yeah, I'm pretty much useless when it comes to make up.  However, I can't step out of my house without doing my brows.  BROWS ARE IMPORTANT! The most important in my opinion gals.

Products shown from left to right:
1. Stila waterproof liquid eye liner in intense black: One of my all time favorite eyeliners.  I've been using this for the past four or five years, and althought I don't wear eyeliner everyday it has never failed me.
2. e.l.f. studio eyebrow kit in medium: I use this to outline the shape I want my brows to be with the gel on the left side.  There is some powder on the right side but I don't use it because I don't know what to do with it honestly.
3. NYX eyebrow cake powder in taupe/ash: I use this to fill in my brows
4. L'oreal true match powder in W4: I just recently purchased this because I wanted some type of coverage on my face but like I said before I am a make up noob so I didn't want to try foundation.  My friend recommended this to me and I would say it does a pretty good job at hiding small imperfections.  I only apply this when I'm going to a special occasion or if my skin has red spots.  Overall, it makes my face look matte, soft, and more even.
5. Becca ever-matte poreless priming perfector: This is the most expensive product in my cosmetic bag.  It was about $36, if I remember correctly, from Sephora.  I bought this because my t-zone gets extremely oily throughout the day.  I went into Sephora asking for some type of product that would help control the oil on my face.  The first few times I used it, it worked well, my face stayed dry for most of the day.  Then after that, my face wasn't as oily as before but not as dry as the first few days.  It is extreme drying and will leave sensitive skin with signs of peeling.  Definitely not recommended for those with sensitive skin.
6. e.l.f. wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara: I bought this because when I was watching youtube tutorials on eyebrows, a youtuber used these brow mascaras so I decided to buy one from e.l.f since it's so inexpensive.  It's alright but it does brush up the hairs that tend to droop down.
7. Anastasia brow wiz in medium brown: Definitely recommend this product! However it runs out really fast. I use this to fill in my brows along with the NYX eyebrow powder.
8.e.l.f. essential eyelid primer in sheer: I also bought this after watching youtube videos.  I almost always forget to use this before drawing my eyebrows but when I do use it, it does hold the product for longer periods of time.
9. boscia green tea blotting linens: Oil paper is essential to those with oily skin, which is why I always have this in my cosmetic case.  I prefer boscia's over clean & clear's oil absorbing sheets.
10. Revlon super lustrous lipstick in certainly red 740: I love lipstick. However, I only ever really wear red lipstick.  I have several different brands of red lipsticks.  This Revlon one is definitely one of my favorites and it always brings a pop of color to my outfit and a sense of boldness.
11. ecotools large powder brush: I purchased this when I bought the L'oreal true match powder because I just needed a brush to apply the powder.  I know nothing about brushes, so this works well for me!

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