chelsea galleries x skittles

December 18, 2014

Photo credits: Evelyn Lesmy Ng

Today was full of delicious food and art galleries with my fellow skittle #rolypolyskittolyadventures.  We started our day off with potatopia, once again I got Curly Sue and it was delicious.  Headed down to Chelsea where we walked down a block of different art galleries.  Trying to find the Gagosian Gallery, I spotted Jae Young Kim's wall of donuts and screamed a little.  Dragged Eve in there and we were in awe, we sure love donuts.  I would love to have a wall of donuts in my room.  Then of course we started snapping pictures.  When Eve and I go to these exhibits we absorb all the art in and then we start taking pictures.  Although we were never really 'art people' we're really starting to appreciate these unique pieces of work.  We usually lean toward the more psychedelic, trippy pieces, which also make good backgrounds to our pictures.  
After strolling through some galleries, we went back to 34th to shop around a little where I found absolutely nothing.  Recently I've been preferring online shopping a lot more than physical shopping, it's a lot less tiring and it's just so much easier.  Christmas is seven days away and I'm not even 30% done with gifts.
I love having Eve to explore with because she's into the same stuff as me and we both have enough patience to be each other's photographers.  Expect to see a lot more photos taken by Eve :)

beauty | e.l.f mini haul

December 12, 2014

I recently picked up a few things from e.l.f, and I love e.l.f products because of the price.  Everything is so inexpensive and affordable, ranging from $1-$5.  Being almost completely clueless about make-up, I don't want to spend crazy amounts of money on make-up cause chances are I'll end up doing a horrible job and never using the product again.  I've tried putting on eyeshadow several times, watched loads of eyeshadow tutorials but I could never get it right.  Then one of my friends (hi heejae) told me about eyeshadow sticks and how they're easy to apply and to blend so I thought I would try it out.  Let me tell you.. it IS easy.  After playing around for a bit, I came up with a look that surprisingly looked pretty good, I was actually super proud of myself and didn't wanna remove my make-up.  I wanted to be able to put eyeshadow on since new year's is coming and I think I've got my routine!  I'll definitely need some more practice, but I'm so glad I got these eyeshadow sticks.  It's pretty much just coloring on your eyelid and using your finger (well I used a smudge brush) to blend it in.  I highly recommend the eyeshadow stick if you're a beginner and want to learn how to apply eyeshadow.  But seriously.. props to you girls who put on a full face of make-up every single day.

Eyeshadow sticks:
1. Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick [in Turkish Coffee]: I used this as the "smokey" part of my look (lol I don't even know how to properly say any of this).  It glides on super easily, and blends well.
2. Waterproof Shadow Liner [in Blush]: used this as the base..? it's a pretty color! 
Both sticks are glittery and your eye will definitely be shimmery.

I got the 11 brushes for $3 because of some promotion, but unfortunately it's not going on anymore! I tried using the brushes for the smudge pots but uhh that didn't go too well..
I haven't tried any of the other products yet, but I'll list what else I got
Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick in Movie Star
Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude
Smudge Pot in Back to Basics
Smudge Pot in Ain't That Sweet
Eyebrow Kit in Medium (what I always use to line my brows)
Eye Primer & Liner Sealer
Lip Exfoliator

I miss Evelyn
(hi Eve)

food | eggs, potatoes, and fish tacos

December 8, 2014

Not only do I look forward to the weekends because of no school, but I also get to indulge in delicious food, especially brunch.  Thought I would share some pictures of what I ate this weekend because I don't go a meal without taking a picture (unless I'm home).  I love yelping, and I love going on food adventures with my friends.  

1. Cafeteria [located in Chelsea]: I've been wanting to try this spot for a while now but never got the chance until Evelyn and I found an art exhibit in Chelsea so I thought why not!  Originally, I wanted to try the Mac Attack, which is a sampler with three different types of mac n' cheese, because I love mac n' cheese.  Then I found out they had eggs benedict, and let's be real.. eggs benedict over everything.  I was a little disappointed at first because they only had smoked salmon or florentine benedict; I was expecting canadian bacon or some type of meat.  I settled for the smoked salmon, and I didn't regret it one bit.  I've tried smoked salmon from Clinton St. Baking Co. and I wasn't really a fan so I was a little skeptical, but this one was actually really delicious.  I also ordered the blackberry lemonade, it was good, but a little too sour for my liking.

2. Le Peep [located in Edison, NJ]: Two days in a row of eggs benedict, my tastebuds sure were happy this weekend!  However, this dish didn't have as much flavor as an eggs benedict dish should so I wasn't as satisfied since I ate such a delicious brunch the day before.  The hollandaise sauce was a bit less flavorful than any benedict I've eaten.  I probably should have stuck to the classic eggs benedict instead of getting the crab cake one.  

3. Potatopia:  I've passed by this multiple times due to its location near Umami Burger (yum) and I've never thought to go in until Saturday while in Jersey.  On the menu is a list of the form of potatoes you wish to have, tater tots, curly fries, smashed, baked, etc.  You can customize your order from scratch, but there are also pre-made menu options, while still customizing to your particular liking.  We got the Curly Sue and it was so. good.  If you're ever around one I suggest you try it! Their sauces are super flavorful and they have a good variety. 

4. The Grey Dog [located in multiple NYC locations]: Fish tacos are usually my go-to type of tacos, and I've read good reviews about the baja fish tacos from this spot.  The dish comes with three fish tacos, each having two pieces of fish, a small salad, and sauce for the tacos (tastes a bit like chipotle mayo? which I love.)  The portion size is pretty generous and I get full off of two tacos, but then again I don't eat a lot in one sitting.  While some places have 20% fish and 80% batter, I would say The Grey Dog's fish to batter ratio is maybe 60% fish 40% batter, still a lot of batter but it works and isn't overwhelming.  The taco + the sauce = party in your mouth especially if you love chipotle mayo.  

Food is life.

redbull studios x me

December 5, 2014

Photo credits: Evelyn Lesmy Ng

About time I posted an #ootd.  All black, some print, red lip, what's new.  Got to catch up with Evelyn today over some brunch, our favorite meal.  If you've never tried eggs benedict, I suggest you try it this weekend!  We tried Cafeteria in Chelsea; I had the smoked salmon eggs benedict  and it was pretty good!  I normally don't finish my plates, but I devoured all of it.
After our delish brunch, we headed over to Redbull Studios, which is a temporary studio full of trippy art.  Once we walked in the floor was pink, furry, and fuzzy.  The next section had a trippy floor (the colorful stripes above), then there was a downstairs with more pink furry textured floors.  We took some pictures sitting down and the fur was actually really soft, but probably super dirty.  I would love to have a rug made of that material.  In the last photo, I was standing in a room full of hundreds of white sneakers..  I've never been much of an art museum girl but I might just start looking for and going to these because it was actually really interesting and eye appealing.

Top: Necessary Clothing  Oversized Blazer: Forever 21  Leggings: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden  Necklace: FIT

food | happy thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014

b r u s s e l  s p r o u t s

s t r i n g  b e a n  c a s s e r o l e

c o r n

h a s s l e  p o t a t o e s

t u r k e y

t u r k e y  p l a t a n o s  y u c a  f r i e s

s p a n i s h  s p a g h e t t i

m y  p l a t e

d e s s e r t  s h o o t e r s

p i l l s b u r y  c o o k i e s

c h i n e s e  d e s s e r t s

I hope all of you are super stuffed from your Thanksgiving dinners, I sure am!  The one day where it's okay to stuff your face.  There was way too much food tonight, but everything was so good.  My family has some Dominican background so that's why we have platanos, yuca, and spanish-style spaghetti (which is one of my fave dishes ever).  My mom preordered the turkey from Popeyes, yeah I didn't know they sold turkeys either, but once a year on Thanksgiving they do.  My grandpa and my great-uncle are both chefs, so they cooked most of the food.  We had our turkey "peking duck" style, so we had the white bread, put a slice of turkey in it, put some cucumber, and then hoisin sauce.  The turkey was too dry for my liking, I don't think we're ever gonna have turkey for Thanksgiving again.  For dessert we had shooters from a nearby bakery called Teaspoon, pillsbury holiday cookies, and some fried chinese desserts -- some filled with peanuts, some filled with vegetables, and yeah I don't really know what else but anything fried is always good. 
Super stuffed right now, but I'll probably be hungry in two hours.

Thankful for my family, friends, and everything positive in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving!

coco made me do it

November 23, 2014

I've been wanting these for about two years now, and I can't believe it either.  I can finally call these babies mine!  So it turns out I got the platform ones, but they're still beautiful and I'm still obsessed (and they give me an extra inch that I need) This was the last size 5, and the next size was a 10.  They're so perfect, but I'm sad I can't wear them until it gets warmer.  I've been wearing them around my house since we got home.  Obsessed.

welcome to the jungle

November 16, 2014

Photo credits: Kyle Braganza

So this was actually yesterday, oops.

The day started off with two artistically challenged people attending an art class, thank you groupon for deals.  After painting, we had a few hours to kill so we decided to go look for hipster walls to take pictures in front of.  We walked on Mulberry St. and we saw Audrey Hepburn, but there was a table in front of it so not ideal.  As we were strolling, we came across an old vintage-looking bench in front of a cute little restaurant.  Gave my phone to my photographer for the day, and he loves candids so he always snaps when I'm not ready. (except the picture above, that was totally posed, i laughed naturally like that but he missed the shot so he said "do that again!") Then on Kenmare St they finally painted over the "What Lifts You" mural, which is legit all over instagram #basic, and painted a "Welcome to the Jungle" with an elephant. (more candids)  We went to eat some steak after at Striphouse, and it was goooood. I love steak.  Thanks for dinner, my suga daddy :)

The night ended with our fail surprise party for kyle, he knew the whole day.  I tried. But he had fun, and barely remembers the night so that's all that matters!

Top: H&M  Jacket: Forever 21  Tights: Urban Outfitters  Shoes: Forever 21  Bag: Ebay

off the grid

November 13, 2014

Photo credits: Evelyn Lesmy Ng

This is my first ever #ootd post and I wish I could post them daily but unfortunately I don't have a photographer everyday, womp.

Today was definitely the coldest day of the season so far, and it's just getting colder and colder.  I am not ready for it.  Please bring summer back for this summer baby.  Colder weather calls for darker colors, haha who am I kidding, this is my color palette all year round.  I've just recently bought this shirt, and I absolutely love it.  I love the whole grid trend going on, gonna buy me some grid-patterned American Apparel clothing soon (yay for store credit, makes me feel a little less guilty.)

Top: Forever 21  Jacket: H&M  Pants: American Apparel  Shoes: Kenneth Cole  Bag: Prada

fashion | alexander wang x h&m

November 11, 2014

As you all should know by now, H&M's annual designer collaboration was with Alexander Wang this year.  I knew I had to get my hands on some pieces of this collection because I mean.. Wang.  Clothing and accessories at a cheaper price while still having his name, count me in.  
I wasn't THAT crazy where I'd go line up at stores though.. ain't no one got time for that.  I have classes on Thursdays anyways so that wouldn't have happened either way.  Thank God H&M finally has online shopping, so I got to experience the chaos of trying to cop the collection online along with 92873958 other people.  It took me an hour to buy four items through the website.  A whole hour because the server was crashed due to the high volumes of people, and I swear I clicked the "try again" button at least 300 times that morning.  But I had to do what I had to do.
I love the minimalism of Alexander Wang's work.  Black, white, and gray.  All the pieces have a relaxed feel and are super comfortable.  The material for the crop tops and tank top feel 'expensive' while still being comfy.
My mom went to the H&M in Times Square and was able to get a black "This is an Alexander Wang tank top."  While she waited on line, a sales associate asked if she wanted water.  She tried to be funny and texted me saying "I'll charge you $20 for this water bottle." 
Overall, I'm glad this collaboration happened because if it weren't for these affordable prices I don't think any Alexander Wang pieces would be hanging in my closet as of now.  But H&M made that happen for me.  Wonder who the next collab's going to be with!

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