hello high-low

June 24, 2015

 Photo credits to Papa Ng
I was really into the whole high-low skirts back when I was a senior and now I'm really feeling high-low tops. I love the flowyness of it and the way it covers my bum. It kind of just flows behind me as I walk and it feels nice and breezy in this summer heat. I've been loving my new sandals that I just recently got; they're so simple yet trendy. Shout outs to wendy for giving me her shades because her head was too big for them (LOL love you). If you know me, I have been only wearing gold accessories for the past few years, but this summer I've opened my heart and have been really into silver statement necklaces. Don't get me wrong, I would still choose gold over silver, but for a casual look a silver statement necklace does the job.

take me to thailand

June 19, 2015

Photo credits to Papa Ng
I just paired together a simple black dress with a elephant printed kimono that really reminds me of Thailand.  I really want to go to Thailand to ride an elephant!  Even though black attracts the sun, and it's best to stay away from black in the warmer months, I can't get myself to get away from black. Today was a family day spent in Long Island where we ate California Pizza Kitchen and did a little bit of shopping. I finally bought a necklace and bracelet holder, which I am super satisfied about. It was so hot out today, it felt like I was walking into an oven every time I stepped outside.

Kimono: Forever 21 | Dress: Tobi | Shoes: Forever 21 | Bag: Prada

lace-up flats

June 17, 2015

I am obsessed with my flats. I've been seeing them around a lot but I wasn't down for paying over $100 for a pair of flats since I never wear flats but I got these babies for $27, such a steal! Wednesdays are my fashion magazine internship days so my day started with the Elizabeth & James Resort Preview 2016. I was hoping to see Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen but no sign of them. Had a hectic day at the office because we have a photoshoot tomorrow so accessories were everywhere, needed to be styled into looks and then packed away. Anyways, I love my shoes and I just ordered a pair of lace up sandals hehe.
Kimono: Sheinside | Top: Forever 21 | Bottoms: Sheinside | Shoes: Lola Shoetique | Bag: Prada

short hair for the hot, summer air

June 14, 2015

Photo credits to Papa Ng
I've been debating whether or not I should cut my hair or not for the past month and a half and I finally did it and I do not regret this decision at all! I absolutely love my hair. The other few times I cut it, I was iffy about it and didn't really like it much but this time is different. I cut about 10 inches off which is quite a lot. My hair is a lot thinner and it feels so much lighter, which is much needed in the hot, humid summer. Can't wait to try some tousled waves!

leather jacket minus the sleeves

June 9, 2015

Photo credit to Papa Ng
Today was ridiculously sticky and humid and I did not enjoy it one bit. Thursday is supposed to reach 90 degrees and I don't know how I'm going to survive especially with my internship office having no AC. I initially stepped out of my house with the same shirt as shown but paired with leather shorts that have been featured in one of my previous posts and the elastic part of my shorts were making my stomach sweat so much and my booty felt sweaty (sorry for tmi) so I later switched to a leather vest, which made me super hot eventually. I didn't feel like wearing anything tight on the bottom so I just threw a maxi dress under the shirt and belted it so that it would be a shorter skirt draping down. It kind of just became an asymmetrical skirt on its own. I've been wearing my Chanel espadrilles more often these days because they're so beautiful, but they're definitely not for long wear.  

Vest: Forever 21 | Top: Forever 21 | Dress: H&M | Bag: YSL | Shoes: Chanel | Bracelet: H&M

girls' night out

June 1, 2015

 Photo credits to Wendy Chau
One of my closest friends, Evelyn, just turned 21 so I had to take her out to celebrate! This is a super simple, monochromatic outfit but that's what I loved about it.  Most of my clothes were the typical black, but I added a little something different by adding a cream blazer.  Off-white and cream colors don't really do the job for me, but I still love this blazer.  I'm on the hunt for a true white blazer. I'm wearing my favorite H&M spiked necklace, which you probably see in almost every picture, but I love how much character it brings to an outfit. I absolutely love strappy and lace up shoes. I've been lusting over these pair of lace up flats but unfortunately they are way out of my price range, especially since I never wear flats. These Tobi heels are the most comfortable pair of heels I own AND they're the cutest, a two-in-one! I love that it's finally warm enough to wear a dress for a night out!

Blazer: H&M | Dress: Forever 21 | Shoes: Tobi | Necklace: H&M | Clutch: Wendy's closet

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