yves saint laurent nano sac de jour

January 3, 2015

I've seen this bag around tumblr in the larger sizes but never this teeny cute size.  One day scrolling through Instagram, Kendall Jenner posted a picture of her carrying this YSL nano sac de jour in a bright orange and I was attracted to the size and simplicity of the bag.  Then one of my favorite youtubers, Weylie also purchased this bag and she's been using it on the daily so I started to take more interest in it.  With Christmas coming around, my dad told me to choose what I wanted as my present so I started looking up bags that I've been wanting.  I've also been wanting the balenciaga city bag because I love how the edgy-chic look, and the way it effortlessly hangs from the arms of the carrier.  Following my dad to Manhasset when he was getting my mom's gift, we went into Hirschleifers, which is a specialty store that carries high-end brands such as Chanel, Celine, Givenchy, YSL, Balenciaga, and Tom Ford to name a few.  I absolutely love stepping into Hirschleifers because all the luxury brands are in one place and I can just roam around in awe.  I walked over to the Yves Saint Laurent section and I saw the small bag, but it was the baby sac de jour instead of the nano.  Then I walked into the Balenciaga section and there were so many sizes that I didn't wanna impulse buy because I didn't do enough research on Balenciaga bags.  I decided to wait a bit and to research a bit more since these bags are not just a few hundred dollars.
The Sunday after Christmas, my dad told me to check which Barney's had the nano and that we would go if I really wanted the bag.  We drove to Barney's flagship store located on Madison Ave. (such a beautiful avenue during the holiday season)  Walking into Barney's was like walking into heaven.. handbag heaven.  Barney used to be my favorite show as a little girl, and now Barney's NY is my favorite store.  At first, I wanted the gray nano sac de jour, but they only had the grained leather (pebbled texture) which in my opinion was heavier than the regular black leather.  After trying on the gray and black, I figured black would obviously be easier to match, which is why all my other bags are black.  I wanted to stray away from black to get some diversity in my bags but I just couldn't, I love black.  I was pretty set on getting the black leather nano sac de jour but I wanted to browse and try on other bags before officially purchasing it.  I went to try the Balenciaga again, my mom was there who is a very opinionated woman said it was really ugly :(.  Maybe I'll just settle for a Balenciaga wallet OR a card holder because I really really want a card holder now (might do a separate post of the card holders I want.)  Next section was Celine, I. love. Celine.  After getting my mini luggage I felt like I should have gotten either the micro or the nano because the mini is HUGE especially in comparison to my petite body.  But then I'll just keep it for the future when I'm older, and I still love it of course!  I tried on the nano Celine bag (which is the tiny one) and it was so so so cute, but my parents said they both liked the YSL one better.  When I'm older and making that guap I'll buy myself a nano in royal blue or some color other than black :).  I went to take a peek at the Givenchy bags but it was too chunky and structured for my liking so I told my dad I definitely wanted the nano sac de jour.
I chose this bag because of the simplicity and convenience of it.  It's a lot easier to just get a small bag to carry around when going out, especially living in the city.  Sometimes it's a hassle carrying a big bag around.  I do wish there was a clasp or a zipper, but the bag does require force in order to look inside of it.  The size is perfect for me (mini bag for mini me).  
The measurements are: 8.6 x 7.0 x 4.3 inches
I'm extremely happy, thankful, and blessed.  I can't wait to use my new baby and hopefully I'll have some outfit posts for you all soon!  Hope everyone had a happy holiday and a great new years!  Happy 2015 ^__^ 


  1. I nearly bought it too!! But no zips or clasps is kinda dangerous.. So I unfortunately passed on this gorgeous bag

    1. i just always keep the bag in the front :) i love it!!

  2. I LOVE this bag!! But unfortunately my funds can't stretch to YSL'sac reach :( BUT I recently did purchase a Kate Spade handbag (check out my Instagram @racheylw to see pics) It's the Kate Spade Cedar Street Mini Candace in Black with gold hardware! & I'm OBSESSED with it!!! Not only because it reminds me of the Nano Sac De Jour but it's just SO MINIMALISTIC & CHIC!


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