chelsea galleries x skittles

December 18, 2014

Photo credits: Evelyn Lesmy Ng

Today was full of delicious food and art galleries with my fellow skittle #rolypolyskittolyadventures.  We started our day off with potatopia, once again I got Curly Sue and it was delicious.  Headed down to Chelsea where we walked down a block of different art galleries.  Trying to find the Gagosian Gallery, I spotted Jae Young Kim's wall of donuts and screamed a little.  Dragged Eve in there and we were in awe, we sure love donuts.  I would love to have a wall of donuts in my room.  Then of course we started snapping pictures.  When Eve and I go to these exhibits we absorb all the art in and then we start taking pictures.  Although we were never really 'art people' we're really starting to appreciate these unique pieces of work.  We usually lean toward the more psychedelic, trippy pieces, which also make good backgrounds to our pictures.  
After strolling through some galleries, we went back to 34th to shop around a little where I found absolutely nothing.  Recently I've been preferring online shopping a lot more than physical shopping, it's a lot less tiring and it's just so much easier.  Christmas is seven days away and I'm not even 30% done with gifts.
I love having Eve to explore with because she's into the same stuff as me and we both have enough patience to be each other's photographers.  Expect to see a lot more photos taken by Eve :)

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