leap into fall

September 28, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Lesmy Ng

I actually had a lot of fun shooting these. It was different from your typical photo session. During New York Fashion Week I came across a video of a fashion blogger getting her photos taken, and she would leap forward, go back to the starting point, leap forward again and it just went on and on, so I decided to give it a try and it was hilarious. My photographer, hi skittle, and I had a good laugh shooting this outfit.
It is officially fall because it has been chilly! I can't wear shorts or skirts out without shivering. Don't get me wrong, I love fall but I just hate how cold it is in the morning and as the day goes on it gets warmer and warmer. I have quite a few morning classes this semester so leaving the house at 8AM, I need to prepare myself for the crisp, chilly air and by the time I get out in the afternoon I feel so overdressed. 
The suede button-up/down (whichever you prefer) skirts have been the huge rave these past months. When I was on a search for a pair, I kept seeing them for a ridiculous amount of money, American Apparel had it for $60+ and TopShop had it for over $100 and I would never pay that much for one! More affordable websites would have some but my size would always be sold out. Through several attempts at searching for a suede skirt that fit and was in a color I was satisfied with, I came across this one on Rue 21's website and it was only $16.99! I've received many compliments on it and it was so worth the price. It is a little long on me so all I do is fold the top over and the length is perfect!

grid monster

September 17, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
This a little teaser of my upcoming Style Guru Style article on CollegeFashionista that should be live some time soon. I'll keep it short and simple here since I did write a more detailed post on cfashionista. Grid print is definitely one of my favorite prints and I love how modern yet retro it can appear. I think my dress itself looks like it belongs in the 60s, but since we are in the 21st century I twisted it to create a more modern look. 
Since NYFW is actually still going on, I would like to bring up that this outfit definitely reminds me of DKNY's collection (which I personally loved.) Dao-Yi and Maxwell killed their first collection at DKNY and I think they will do big things as the new creative directors. I loved the modern vibes and how it was a collection where femininity meets menswear, where flowy pieces meet structured pieces. There were no crazy patterns or even colors but the collection as a whole was so powerful and inspiring. 
I can't believe it's fall in less than a week and it's still hot as tamales here in NYC. Looking forward to the cooler days and cozier outfits but not too excited for winter.

Blazer: H&M | Dress: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: Forever 21 | Hat/Shades: Soho | Bag: Prada

comfy stripes

September 15, 2015

Photos by Evelyn Ng
I don't know about you but I'm still not in school mode. It's so hard to get myself up and out of bed and so hard to get myself to do my work. It's only week three and I'm ready for winter break already. Perks of back-to-school season means fall is coming and that means layering and cozy outfits! 
To make it easier on myself, I love wearing outfits that make me feel comfortable as if I'm still in my pajamas. This outfit does just that. I got this romper from Boohoo and it's soft and super comfy. Due to the fact that I'm only 5' I had to belt this romper because if I didn't, it stopped at a very awkward and unflattering part of my leg. With this very black outfit, I decided to put on my Quay shades and  to some red lips to bring some color. I love how ankle booties look with shorts, especially around this time to show the transitioning of seasons.

Romper: Boohoo | Shoes: Steve Madden | Hat: Soho | Sunglasses: Quay | Bracelet: Kate Spade

philly's magic garden

September 13, 2015

Photo credits to Kyle Braganza
Yesterday Kyle and I took a day trip to Philly to help his little sis move into college, which gave us the opportunity to explore a little. I finally got to go to Magic Garden, a place I've been constantly seeing on Instagram. It was fairly small but it was so pretty! Admissions is $7, but $5 if you have student ID. Everything was made by Isaiah Zagar, whose artwork can be found on hundreds of walls throughout Philly. I've never seen anything like this before and it was so interesting and gorgeous to look at. I definitely recommend visiting the garden especially if you're an artsy type of person! I heard it gets pretty busy there so try to go at off-hours and on a cloudy day instead of sunny.

Jacket: Forever 21 | Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: Forever 21 | Shoes: Steve Madden | Hat: Soho | Bag: YSL

guess who's back?!

September 2, 2015

Photo credits to Evelyn Ng

Wowie! I haven't updated my blog in a long while and you would have thought since it was summer I would have been updating my blog with no problem. Well ya girl was having too much summer fun, even though I spent most of it doing nothing. Hopefully I can start blogging more often again, but I know myself and as the winter days come it'll be harder and harder for me to post outfits. School just started, I am officially a senior in college, and due to my horrid schedule where I have to attend school every single day I will not be working so hopefully this will leave me more time to blog and put together more YouTube videos! (click here)
I hope you all have been following my CollegeFashionista posts and if you have or haven't, I am in my second semester as a Style Guru and my bio just came out wearing this outfit! Please go check it out and give it a RAD! (click here)
Talk to you all soon :)

Tank: Forever 21 | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Just Fab | Shades: Cotton On | Hat: Soho

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