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December 5, 2014

Photo credits: Evelyn Lesmy Ng

About time I posted an #ootd.  All black, some print, red lip, what's new.  Got to catch up with Evelyn today over some brunch, our favorite meal.  If you've never tried eggs benedict, I suggest you try it this weekend!  We tried Cafeteria in Chelsea; I had the smoked salmon eggs benedict  and it was pretty good!  I normally don't finish my plates, but I devoured all of it.
After our delish brunch, we headed over to Redbull Studios, which is a temporary studio full of trippy art.  Once we walked in the floor was pink, furry, and fuzzy.  The next section had a trippy floor (the colorful stripes above), then there was a downstairs with more pink furry textured floors.  We took some pictures sitting down and the fur was actually really soft, but probably super dirty.  I would love to have a rug made of that material.  In the last photo, I was standing in a room full of hundreds of white sneakers..  I've never been much of an art museum girl but I might just start looking for and going to these because it was actually really interesting and eye appealing.

Top: Necessary Clothing  Oversized Blazer: Forever 21  Leggings: Forever 21  Shoes: Steve Madden  Necklace: FIT

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