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November 27, 2014

b r u s s e l  s p r o u t s

s t r i n g  b e a n  c a s s e r o l e

c o r n

h a s s l e  p o t a t o e s

t u r k e y

t u r k e y  p l a t a n o s  y u c a  f r i e s

s p a n i s h  s p a g h e t t i

m y  p l a t e

d e s s e r t  s h o o t e r s

p i l l s b u r y  c o o k i e s

c h i n e s e  d e s s e r t s

I hope all of you are super stuffed from your Thanksgiving dinners, I sure am!  The one day where it's okay to stuff your face.  There was way too much food tonight, but everything was so good.  My family has some Dominican background so that's why we have platanos, yuca, and spanish-style spaghetti (which is one of my fave dishes ever).  My mom preordered the turkey from Popeyes, yeah I didn't know they sold turkeys either, but once a year on Thanksgiving they do.  My grandpa and my great-uncle are both chefs, so they cooked most of the food.  We had our turkey "peking duck" style, so we had the white bread, put a slice of turkey in it, put some cucumber, and then hoisin sauce.  The turkey was too dry for my liking, I don't think we're ever gonna have turkey for Thanksgiving again.  For dessert we had shooters from a nearby bakery called Teaspoon, pillsbury holiday cookies, and some fried chinese desserts -- some filled with peanuts, some filled with vegetables, and yeah I don't really know what else but anything fried is always good. 
Super stuffed right now, but I'll probably be hungry in two hours.

Thankful for my family, friends, and everything positive in my life.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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