blue hues

October 16, 2015

Photos by Kyle Braganza
Something about these photos feel so refreshing; I think it's the blue hues. I'm pretty much in denial that it's no longer summer, which is why I threw on my thigh highs and wow was I underdressed that day. It was a pretty nice day but walking along the water plus later at night was not too good for my body temperature especially since I get cold easily.
We visited Brooklyn Bridge Park this day and o m g, it took us about an hour just to find parking! It was pretty ridiculous but that's dumbo for ya. I suggest commuting or taking a cab so you don't have to deal with parking. I finally got to see the Mirror Labyrinth exhibit. There were so many little kids running around. Overall, it was okay. I thought it was going to be more fascinating but it was still a dope concept in a great location.


  1. There's honestly not much to do there but walk and relax unless you're going to their sports areas. But I love how fresh and bright these photos are!

    1. yeah there really isn't! but it's definitely nice to just take a walk :) thanks booboo


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