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March 30, 2016

New York Minute was one of my favorite childhood movies, starring the well-known twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The Olsen twins were two of my most admired celebrities as a child and it's amazing how they, and myself have entered the same industry. They've become successful women within the fashion industry and I admire everything they do and have done throughout the years.

Anyways, I got a little off topic but since my title was "New York Minute" being an avid fan of the Olsen twins I HAD to bring up the movie.

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday I am blessed (most of the time) to be in the city due to my internship. I've grown up with the hustle and bustle of NYC and have grown accustomed to this lifestyle. Backtracking to the (most of the time) it gets frustrating trying to hurry my way to the NQR train station dodging smokers, tourists and people who just have nowhere to go. I used to think that us New Yorkers were really rude but I recently came across an article talking about how it isn't us New Yorkers being rude, but tourists visiting our city being rude. It's so important to learn the culture and lifestyle of the place you're visiting, because you are a visitor to a person's home where they do the same routine every day and if you just so happen to block the path of a NYC subway rider, that could cause them to miss the train they're supposed to take to get to their set destination at a set time. Of course, we don't mean to be rude, but it's important to know that New Yorkers are always in a rush and almost have no time to spare. But of course there are going to be those miserable people that are just rude and nasty every day. I hope this post didn't scare anybody from coming to New York, but it's only super hectic during rush hour when people are trying to get to work or get the hell home (like me.) I'm usually rushing at 6:00PM rather than 9:30AM because I just want to go home, sit back and relax. 

Note to take before visiting New York City: we would greatly appreciate if you could just step to the side and not stand in the middle of a sidewalk when you're trying to figure out which way to walk via your smartphone. Be prepared for the crazy rush hour of New York City if you're planning to visit! I've visited different cities and there's nothing quite like the concrete jungle.

Does your city/country have a certain culture that tourists should know about?
I'm going to Asia soon, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan to be specific and I would love to know about the do's and don'ts there!


  1. Such an beautiful Look ! :)
    I really love your bag.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes you definitely should! :) Thank you Daniel

  3. so in love with this look girl!

  4. Lovely outfit and amazing photos! ♡

    Happy Saturday! ~ Love from Slovakia ♥
    ♡ Yankee Candle ♡

  5. Ahh these photos though! 😍 SO amazing as always, love! + ugh, I hope to visit NY one day!!

    1. Thanks boo! If you come, we should definitely meet :)

  6. Hi Kara,

    I'm a New Yorker too! Quick question, where did you buy your skirt? I'm absolutely in love with it!

  7. I love the pom keyring! I've been adding these to all my bags lately haha. I've always wanted to visit New York!! Hopefully one day. I've heard good things:-). I think you will find rude people no matter what city you visit unfortuantely lol


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