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June 15, 2016

Two macaroni + ham in soup combo with egg + toast
One HK style french toast

Pretty much every Hong Kong style cafe/restaurant will offer different sets for breakfast, we call it A-chaan, B-chaan, etc. which will come with a main dish and a side of eggs or toast or both!

Australia Dairy Company is a well-known food spot in Hong Kong; I've seen food blogs about it and friends' social media posts.  When I posted my photo on Instagram, several people left comments with enthusiasm.  On google it says that the place opens at 7:30AM. With Hong Kong being our first stop on our Asia adventure, we were super jetlagged waking up at <6:00am every day.  On the day we decided to go to Australia Dairy Company, we were up and ready by 7.  The restaurant was roughly a ten minute walk from our hotel.  With our long journey from our hotel room to the streets and then crossing the infamous Hong Kong pedestrian tunnels, we made it to Australia Dairy Co. at around 7:15.  We thought we would be waiting for it to open, but as we approached it, the gate was half open but the restaurant was already almost full. So I highly suggest going there even before opening time because they will be opened. When we got seated, there were still several tables left, but by 7:30 the whole place was completely full.

We ordered our macaroni with ham and within 30 seconds, the dishes came out. Our waiter didn't even relay the order to the kitchen.. We were amazed and shocked. It was awesome though.  The efficiency and speed of Asians was honestly so amazing, not only in Hong Kong but throughout our whole trip. I'm a fan of macaroni in soup and the one here was SOOOO good; the broth was creamier than any I've tasted. There were a lot of positive reviews about their egg, but to me it was too runny, I like my eggs more cooked. Hong Kong french toast. Amazing. I've never tried it before I got there and we had it every time we had breakfast. The one at Australia Dairy Co. was definitely my favorite though and I tried four or five different ones! (If you live in NYC, specifically Queens, teashop near Francis Lewis High School serves HK style french toast and it's obviously not as good as HK but it's still delicious. I'm sure places in Chinatown have but I haven't tried any yet.) Hong Kong style french toast >> American french toast, sorry America.  Our meal was also very inexpensive; when converted everything was probably $13-$15 (we also ordered 2 egg puddings and 3 drinks not shown.)

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