November 14, 2016

I've heard about Influenster for a while but I never actually tried it until a few weeks ago. After registering and setting up my profile, I was lucky enough to be picked to be a part of the Bite x Influenster box filled with Bite matte creme lip crayons! I received a cute box with lipstick swatches on it. Inside were 3 lippies: cava, glaze, and red velvet. Red velvet is a bold red. On Sephora, they describe glace as a dusty mauve but in my opinion cava is more of a dusty mauve and glace is like a dusty rose color. I am the worst at describing colors especially when it comes to make up. My strength is in fashion and my weakness is in make up so this is my poor attempt at a make up review. 

Cava and glace are actually super moisturizing, and are good every day lip colors. Red velvet is obviously more bold and vibrant but can definitely be rocked as an every day look. I did find that red velvet is a little less moisturizing than the other two, so it was a struggle when I was trying to fill in my lip. But, it was so easy to outline my lips with red velvet. Precision on point! The duration of these lippies are pretty good, but you do have to reapply. I would recommend these lippies! I have a photo of me in red velvet on my Instagram (@kay_ng). 

Also, you should all sign up for Influentser because it's such an amazing program! Leave your reviews and get a chance to receive boxes from them full of goodies from make up products to snacks! Here's a link to sign up! 


  1. I've always wondered about these after seeing other beauty bloggers talk about them. Even though ur strength is Fashion, I still think you did an awesome job with the post and would be a product I'd like to try!

  2. Very very good post!!
    I really like your blog xx Rahel -


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