April 13, 2017

Hi5 if you get what I'm referencing in my title! ;)

Thought I would edit my photos a bit differently. This may be a one time thing or may go on for some time. I decided to do this (along with tons of other fellow subscribers) after watching @ToThe9s video on youtube on how they edit their photos. I love the way it looks! I also love hand-drawn stars, which I've done on my personal youtube channel for my vlogs and lookbooks.

I've been on a serious hiatus this past semester because I seriously barely have time. Between juggling grad school full-time and interning, I barely have time to do homework, hang out with friends, and have me-time. Hopefully I'll be able to start blogging and making more videos once this semester's over because I'm itching to do some creative work but time has not been allowing me to do so.

I've been into vintage goodies these days and I really want to get into thrifting. I've seen multiple hauls on youtube as well as my own friends who score some amazing deals at thrift stores. I've been a few times but I never seem to run into anything good. Any good tips for thrifting?!

I've been blessed with this super vintage Louis Vuitton backpack from the '90s that my mom got from her friend who happened to work there. It's still in pretty good shape with the perfect amount of wear. I've never really used it until recently and I know I'm going to be using the crap out of it now because not only is it cute af, it's actually really practical and fits a good amount of stuff. However, of course it's really annoying to close backpacks but oh well. The jacket I'm wearing is not even mine, but it's my friend Evelyn's dad's from the '90s as well. Their last name is Ng as well so.. I guess it's like my family too, ya know? Going back to the thrifting, my mission was to always find vintage Levi's to DIY but never got any luck. BUT, one of my friends @vickapark was kind enough to gift me these as she couldn't wear them anymore and I love them! She gave me two pairs and they're the perfect vintage levi's (she gave me two!!)

Hopefully I can find some good thrift stores and get some goodies soon!

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  1. Denim on denim is literally perfect, great look! I am loving your blog by the way, so impressed with it pretty lady! x


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