first day of spring semester

January 21, 2015

Took these pictures in less than 15 minutes thanks to the lovely tripod my dad found in our garage.
Tripods are GREAT and so worth it if you're into photography, blogging, and what not.

Unfortunately winter break is officially over and today was my first day of Spring '15.  Same shit, different semester.  Today I had two 3-hour classes and both professors kept us for around two hours.  My first class was Public Relations Strategies, the professor is pretty funny but she talks tons.  She's the type to get a story from a story leading to another story.  So yes, ya girl's eyes were fluttering, struggling to stay open at some points in the lecture.  I knew walking into this class that she was going to be lovely because of  That site is a blessing from heaven because having good professors are crucial since they are obviously the ones giving you your final grades.  My second class today was Marketing 101 and my professor was hilarious.  I think it's so amusing when teachers throw out curse words; it makes the classroom feel more casual and relaxed, which creates a better bond between the students and professor in my opinion.  
As for my outfit, I didn't know what the hell to wear today so I just threw on one of my favorite cardigans, a loose white tee, and some leggings.  To add a little extra, threw on a necklace (even though I wore a scarf all day because it's brick in NYC) and put some color on my lips.  Simple but still looks like I put in at least a little bit of effort.  There's really nothing spectacular about this outfit but this is what my usual outfit to school looks like and I thought it'd be nice to share my first day of school outfit.
Overall, today was really boring and I really want to just lay in bed and pass out but knowing me when it's time to actually sleep I won't be able to.  My first day of classes is done, I'm over it, and I'm ready for summer break now!

Top: BooHoo  Cardigan: Forever 21  Leggings: Necessary Clothing  Necklace: H&M  Shoes: Steve Madden

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