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March 11, 2015

Do I smell Spring coming?! It actually reached 60° here in NYC, where just a few days ago it was less than 20°. I even had to snapchat the 60°.  Was I the only one who was a bit weather confused while choosing what to wear today? It hasn't been so nice out that I was having a bit of an outfit crisis. I was going to wear sheer tights but I thought that was pushin' it so I decided to just not wear a jacket. It's been a long while since I've been able to walk outside without feeling like I just walked into a freezer.  It was still a bit windy and chilly but I am not complaining because it still felt amazing. Spring is definitely just around the corner ladies and gentlemen! 

Cardigan: H&M  Shirt: H&M  T-shirt: H&M  Leggings: Necessary Clothing  
Shoes: Steve Madden  Sunnies: Forever 21  Necklaces: Forever 21  Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

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