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March 3, 2015

Finally an outfit of the day post! It's been a while, but I have honestly just been dressing like a bum because of this ridiculously cold weather. The cold leaves me so uninspired. Do you like my title? Because I'm wearing white, and it's snowing outside, ha ha ha.  Yes we are having another snow storm as we speak, joy! Supposedly this is the coldest winter we've had since 1994 which is pretty crazy.  
Well anyways! Here I paired a long-line cream blazer (I was inspired by my lovely fashionista friend @fionnac) because I loved her long white blazer from New Look. A scarf is a necessity for me once it hits about 40 degrees. I wear a scarf every. single. day. Remember I said I was going to get another blanket scarf in my "Blanket or scarf?" post, well here is the new baby! I think I actually like this one more because of the bright red color, you know how I love my red flannel, and it wraps better than the green one.  I was going to pair this outfit with different pants, but I got a huge bruise from snowboarding this past weekend on my shin area, so leggings are the only things that don't hurt me :(
I'm waiting for my 7PM class to be cancelled but my school is not sending me a text message.. Come on guys, it's dangerous out, let me stay home!

Blazer: Boohoo  Shirt: Boohoo  Leggings: Necessary Clothing  Scarf: Romwe  
Bracelets: Forever 21

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