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April 27, 2015

This is hands down my favorite korean BBQ spot. As of 2015, I've been there about 10 times and it's only April.. who knows how many times I'll eat there in the upcoming months.  
When I come I usually get the small beef combo, which includes thinly sliced brisket, marinated boneless short rib & prime boneless short rib or prime rib eye. My favorite is their galbi (marinated boneless short rib, shown in the first photo) it is bomb dot com. They give a universal dipping sauce, the bowl with the onions in it and wasabi on the edge, which you can dip every type of meat in. They give you a medium sized bowl with bean sprouts and some green veggie, chives? green onion? and I'm not a fan of either but mixed with the red paste, the dipping sauce, and the beef.. oh my, it's delicious. Writing about it is making me salivate. They also give you a choice of a free side and we always get soy bean paste stew, doesn't sound too appealing, but I tried it here for the first time and I've been getting it every time since! Steamed egg, corn + cheese, and peppers are given with your meal!
Yesterday, I got my fix of Kang Ho Dong, and we decided to try something new: the pork combo which consists of premium pork jowl, premium seared pork belly & marinated pork cellar or thinly sliced spicy pork belly.  We all had absolutely no clue what a jowl was, but with Google, we found out it was the cheek of a pig. I felt a little uncomfortable eating it knowing it was a cheek. It was alright, but I don't know, I wouldn't eat it again. The premium seared pork belly, better known as sam gyup sal, was obviously delicious. Then they cooked our thinly sliced spicy pork belly in the kitchen, and it was pretty tasty!  It was nice to try something new, but I think I'm going to stick to the beef combo or order the meats separately because I would not want to eat pork jowl again.
I highly recommend this place, although it's on the pricier side, it's delicious and it's always important to splurge every once in a while for some good food! The one I always go to is on Northern Blvd in Queens; there's also one in K-town but I have never been, or even seen that location. 


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