not so girly, girly

April 19, 2015

Photo credits to Kyle Braganza
(last two to me)

So I recently got a new lens! Finally! A kind classmate, hi Stephen, gave me a lot of information and advice about what lens to get according to my wants and needs of the lens. I decided on the Nikkor 50-300mm because it takes good portraits and that is just what I needed! 
Today was Kyle's first time actually taking photos like these so I think he deserves a round of applause *clap clap clap. Thanks bee, you the best ^_^.  My normal outfits are not super girly, and if I choose a "girly" piece I usually add more edgy/grungy items.  Since it's spring time, it's always nice to add a taste of girly and flowery, lacy.  That's why I decided to add those shorts because the trimming is a crochet-lace, which definitely added the bit of girly I needed to my outfit.  Then we got the usual flannel and oversized white tee. Adding a hat seriously makes an outfit 10x more stylish, I would recommend getting a hat for the upcoming warmer nights. In addition to being such a fab, fashion accessory it also really does block the sun (which a hat is supposed to do) but that's besides the point. Soho has affordable, and fashion-forward styles. I mean PacSun and Urban Outfitters have really cute hats, but I got my Soho hat for $15, and I've peeped some PacSun prices and it was $32. So, I think Soho has pretty good deals if you ask me!
The quality of these photos are significantly better than any other of my photos in my previous posts.  I'm excited to keep taking out my DSLR so I can capture even more photos like these AND blog about it. Spring weather is finally here, finally, so more photos should be coming your way! 


  1. cute cute! super HD in those blossom photos

  2. the second photo is one of my favs of you kara! <3


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