Spring Break '15 | Punta Cana

April 8, 2015

Unfortunately I am back from Punta Cana, few pounds heaviers, and not much tanner. Back to reality, boo. I didn't get to snap as much pictures as I would have liked, but I had a great time. Much needed vacation away from the cold. Going from down jackets to tank tops was amazing, but coming back to down jackets.. not so amazing.
We got to experience Punta Cana nightlife -- Cocobongo and Imagine. Cocobongo is like a huge venue with performances and endless drinks all night long.  The performances were actually pretty good, but the set up of the venue was different from what I'm used to since it was more of a stadium.  Imagine was a cave bar, which was pretty damn cool. Partying in a cave? Don't tell me that doesn't sound cool!  Our second day, we went on a super adventurous excursion at Fun Fun Cave, and damn I'm extremely proud of myself for getting through the whole thing. It was my first time horseback riding, rappelling down a cave (or anything at all), and exploring a cave.  It was tiring, but in the end, it was a once in a lifetime experience and I'm glad we decided to do it.
We got to cruise and relax on a catamaran on the third day, where we finally got in some tanning time, and the only day we got to tan. There was also unlimited drinks, and the service was superb.  The workers are so cheerful and full of energy that it just brings such happy vibes to the boat.  We got to snorkel, and stop by a beach.  The third day was definitely a lot more relaxing, full of sun, drinks, and chilling.
Day four was spent riding buggies/boogies through a set path in the middle of Punta Cana. I personally would not recommend this, because I just felt like I was riding in a car with dirt and dust flying at me.  I was falling asleep, and I would have preferred staying at the hotel to chill poolside with the pool bar.
Overall, DR was fun and I wish we could have stayed longer! Can't wait until our next getaway (hopefully Aruba?)

AND I am currently in the process of editing a vlog! Hoping it comes out good and I'll try posting it as soon as possible.

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  1. jealous of your adventure! loving that blue dress and those heels too <3


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