July 1, 2015

Photo credits to Evelyn Lesmy Ng
Today was another eventful day with one of my best girls. We met after a boring day at my internship (but some exciting news is that my name is in our magazine) at Herald Square. We walked to a little cafe called Cafe La Cerra where we had lattes, which were yummy and I tried my first acai bowl, which was eh. After we decided to stroll from 33rd street to the Met, which is on 82nd street. The walk didn't seem that bad because of our endless chats and the not-so-hot weather. It was pretty warm but there was a nice breeze making it more comfortable to walk in. We wanted to be like B & S sitting on the Met stairs, so that's what we did. Along the way, we snapped lots and lots of pictures. 
xoxo gossip girls

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