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November 2, 2015

Photos by Evelyn
As you can see, we tried to take another fun shot but it didn't turn out as successful as the other time. It would've been great if my hair didn't block my whole face.
This is the same outfit as my previous blog post because these were all taken on the same day but I decided to split them into two separate ones since we had photo shoots in two different locations. This here is Washington Mews, a hidden gem just outside of Washington Square Park. It has a very town-house feel and it doesn't seem like something you would find in New York City. It's a nice block to visit and a great place to take photos! The block is full of cute houses of different colors and textures. Eve and I have decided to come here every season, we've already been in the summer and now the fall.
I'm sure you've all noticed the lace-up trend and I absolutely love their lace-up flats. I can't wear them for a long period of time or they start hurting my feet but they're so gorgeous (beauty is pain, beauty is pain.) Time to start playing the layering game because it's only getting colder and colder here in NYC. I love how my black kimono added a soft, light layer to my outfit while still adding a touch of warmth (not that much.) 

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  1. You're so cute in the tiptoeing pics LOLOL can't stop laughing


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