black layers

March 20, 2016

I love having pieces that I can incorporate into different outfits in different ways. Dresses make for great layering pieces because you can wear them every season; paired with tights in the winter, over a shirt in the fall, with a denim jacket in the spring and on its own in the summer.  In this outfit, I threw on a fuzzy sweater over a chiffon shift dress, which is also the same dress in my previous xoxo gossip girl post. 

Black, like almost everyone else, is my favorite color to wear and to buy. When I have a monochromatic outfit, I like to mix different textures so it creates more personality to my overall look. I mixed a furry-type texture with chiffon along with leather making each piece stand out while being the same color.

Today is actually the first day of spring, so happy spring everyone! To those in NYC, what a wonderful spring welcoming we have received.. cold crisp air with chances of snow tonight. Global warming at its finest. 


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