March 16, 2016

Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here and I have the biggest news ever. One of my many sources, kay-ng, sends us this: "Spotted at Grand Central with a trench coat, cheetah print scarf, and Stuart Weitzman boots: Kara Ng." 

Do we have any Gossip Girl fans here?! I knew I had to include that Gossip Girl reference in this blog post when I decided to snap some photos in Grand Central. Being in Grand Central makes me want to just hop on a train and head to an unknown destination, just so I can have some real thinking time on the journey there. Does anyone else ever feel that way? Having the urge to just pack a bag and go on an adventure. If I could, I definitely would. If I could, I would travel all around the world. The top few places I want to visit are: Bali, Greece, Morocco, France, Rome and London. But 1. I can't afford it since I'm just a little college student with a part time paying internship 2. I still have school 3. I hate planes and 4. I can't afford it. If my life was the way Serena or Blair's lives were, I'd be flying to different countries every week in my private plane, but unfortunately that only happens in my dreams.

Gossip Girl


  1. i have the craziest wanderlust for realllll. need to get my ass to japan :D


  2. You look so CHIC– I love it! And your bag is to dieeeee for *insert crying emoji*

    http://ALYSSA-MAY.COM xx

  3. You look really stylish and I love how your blog looks! <3

    x, Kat of Nested Thoughts

  4. I love this outfit, everything is perfect about it!


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