September 26, 2016

As you know, New York Fashion Week was this month.  Being a part of the fashion industry means it's a very exciting time.  We get to see all the runway shows and new collections, we get to get inspiration from street style shots, and we get to dress ourselves up even more than usual.  Ever since I've been interested in fashion, I've always wanted to both work a fashion show and attend a fashion show. Well, this year I got to do BOTH and they were both such great first experiences for me.

Back in my first year of college, when I was still at FIT, my friends and I went out to fashion week at Soho where there were all types of little events and freebies to collect. It wasn't much of an experience, but that was my first ever fashion week-related 'event.' Years following, I didn't have time to attend fashion week events because of conflicting class schedules and whatnot but I still always followed the shows via blogs and Vogue. I've always loved seeking inspiration from Instagram and online publications to see what the upcoming trends are in runway AND on the streets. 

This year, I am now officially done with undergrad and I've moved on to grad school back in Manhattan at NYU. I also managed to get a PR internship at Prabal Gurung just in time for fashion week. I was super ecstatic about it because like I said previously I've always wanted to work fashion week.  Unfortunately, I'm no longer an intern at Prabal because it just wasn't for me and I already have a lot on my plate as a first semester grad student. However, Prabal Gurung is such a nice guy, and I'm so blessed to have gotten the experience to work with him even if it was only for such a short amount of time.  Getting to work backstage for him and seeing all the chaos that goes on behind-the-scenes was not something everyone gets to do. I'm glad my experience was for such a great well-known designer like Prabal Gurung. His collection was also GORGEOUS so if you haven't checked it out you definitely should! I now have a Prabal Gurung backstage pass as my souvenir for working fashion week and it's hanging in my room :)

The following day, one of my friends, Lucy @lucysiyu on Instagram, had an extra spot at a fashion show so I jumped on the opportunity and she took me as her +1.  It wasn't Chanel or Marchesa or anything but hey I'm still so thankful for her taking me to experience my first show ever.  It was #nolchashows and there were a number of designers whose collections I got to see so it was like a few fashion shows all at once.  It was such an interesting experience and I would gladly do it again, haha. The outfit above is what I decided to wear to the show. I've really been loving midi-length things. I used to think it was such an awkward length for me since I'm so short but they've been really appealing to me. So when I saw this top at Primark I knew I had to get it because it's such a versatile piece; I can wear it as a shirt-dress, as an open-shirt, or the way I wore it in the photos above. I wasn't even planning on wearing it this way until I actually started styling it. I loved how it flowed when I was walking because it showed a bit of leg every time I took a step with the wind blowing in my favor. Who remembers when the assymetrical skort was in? It's been about a year or two since I wore mine so I decided to bring them out. Don't you love finding old stuff in your closet that you haven't worn in a while and it ends up making a really cute outfit with your new clothes? I know I love it! My slippers are from Nine West, but from the outlet so I got two of the same pairs (one in white and one in black) for an amazing deal of 2 for $27 which is a steal! I love how simple they are yet they still add such a sophisticated look. Yes, you're not seeing wrong, I am carrying a new céline, it's actually my mom's but we all know I'm going to be wearing it more than she will hehe. #célinegirl


  1. Thank you for all the lovely comments love! And I love your shoes xx


  2. What a stylish look, absolutely love it!

    -xx, Sia

  3. Omg you're the sweetest for including me in your post! Loved this outfit and glad I got to experience that day with you! <3

  4. such a cute look, i love the all black with those slippers!


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