October 5, 2016

I was lucky enough to be reached out by Ritual to try their app and receive a $20 credit. Ritual is a food-ordering app where you get to place an order at a specific restaurant/cafe and you'll be notified as to when to leave to pick up your order.  When you arrive at the food spot, your order should be waiting for you at the counter! 

As of right now, Ritual is only participating with restaurants in lower Manhattan: Financial District, Brookfield Place -- Hudson Eats, etc. The destination I chose for lunch that day was Brookfield Place, Hudson Eats.  On the app, it shows you a list of restaurant choices and the location. I decided to go to Hudson Eats because it's consisted of a bunch of vendors so I'd have the option to go to two places since I was bringing along a friend.  First, I was going to get Skinny Pizza but then I stumbled upon Tartinery.  I had no idea what a tartine was but with the help of Google I found out that it's an open-faced sandwich, pretty simple but French so a little fancier.  When it was time to order, I opened up the App and went to Tartinery's page and clicked "Roast Beef Tartine" and added it to my cart. My friend wanted a bagel from black seed bagel so I attempted to add that to my cart as well, but it turns out you have to do it separately, which was kind-of a bummer for a few seconds but it was no biggie.  I punched in my credit card number and clicked check-out and that was it! It said my order would be ready in 6-10 minutes.  My friend and I walked to Hudson Eats to look around and damn, it was PACKED. Understandable since it was around 12:30, lunch time. We found the Black Seed Bagel counter and I saw a little brown baggie with my name on it! I was shocked that it was already done since it had only been about 3 minutes since I placed the order. Then we found our way to Tartinery and waiting for us was another brown bag with my name on it. It definitely saved us a lot of wait time, and it was super fast. If you're ever in a rush, I definitely recommend this because it will, with no doubt, save you time.  After placing your order, when it's time to get your food, you just go to the pick-up counter where usually they will have a Ritual sign.

Signing up was super easy which makes it easier on behalf of a consumer.  Be prepared to either take or upload a selfie because that's part of the set-up process (this caught me by surprise) but it's so the employees can recognize your face before giving your order to someone else.  Hopefully, Ritual will expand throughout all of Manhattan because I did find it really efficient and helpful.

If anyone is interested in this app, you can email me kaaayng@gmail.com and I can invite you to the app and you'll be able to receive $10 in credit -- $5 off your first order and $5 off the second! 


  1. I love that there are more apps coming out that makes picking up food so much easier and convenient, especially if you're in a big city and the lines are crazy!


    1. Yesssss, I love this app it was super convenient!!

  2. Your photos are amazing — everything looks so delicious! ♡


    1. Aw, thanks girl! It was delicious :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, love your blog!



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