blanket or scarf?

February 1, 2015

As many of you should know, there was the whole blanket scarf trend happening the past few months but I just recently got one of my own.  I've been searching for one but either the color wasn't right or the price was just ridiculous.  I actually ordered this on cyber monday from but I got it this month.. I forgot I even ordered it until the package arrived.  I love dark colored plaid so this really appealed to me AND it was less than $20, if I remember correctly it was about $16!
This is seriously PERFECT for cold winter days because it's a flannel material and it works for different purposes.  While at work the other day, the office was a bit cold so I unwrapped the scarf from my neck and I just opened it and put it over my shoulders so it worked like a blanket/shawl type accessory.  I was sitting at my desk, typing and my boss walks by me and goes "you brought your own blanket?!"  It cracked me up because that really shows the versatility of these blanket scarves, is it a blanket or is it a scarf?  I'm definitely going to look for more of these because winter has only begun and the weather keeps getting colder and colder.  
Today's Superbowl Sunday and I am being forced to watch it for the commercials for my marketing class.  But hey, my dad said we could order pizza and wings so that made it a little better.  I am NOT a football fan whatsoever and I could care less but I am rooting for Seahawks only because of Itsjudytime!  I love her vlogs, her family is so cute, and they're from Seattle so why not.  I'll probably wrap myself in a blanket tonight since it has been ridiculously cold these past few days!  I came to write this post because I'm trying to do everything BUT my Metaphysics homework (procrastination to its fullest) but now I must get back to work.  Hope everyone has a great Superbowl Sunday and stay warm!

Jacket: Forever 21   Top: H&M   Leggings: Forever 21   Shoes: Steve Madden   Scarf: SheInside  

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