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February 4, 2015

The weather in NYC has been horrible recently!  I have 7PM Monday night classes and I still have no idea what my professor looks like because the past two weeks have been cancelled due to safety hazards.  This week all streets and sidewalks were full of ice and it was dangerous to walk and to drive.  It's supposed to snow again tonight and then again on Sunday.  Does that mean I won't have Monday class yet again..? (Not really complaining though)
This is favorite flannel because the fit is perfection, and red flannels are always nice.  I love flannels that have a loose and baggy fit but aren't TOO oversized.  I decided to throw on a black cropped sweater because it's cold as hell outside and to add a little more dimension and change up my usual flannel & leggings outfit.  Layers are always great because you can put together different outfits with the same clothing pieces, and it'll keep you warm while still looking cute and stylish.
The bottom two pictures are of Evelyn and I.  I've been friends with her since we were sophomores in high school and she has grown to be one of my closest girls.  She's usually the one behind the camera for most of my #ootd pictures.  I love how these photos really show our different styles and how different we would style a basic plaid flannel.  You'd never catch me wearing a beanie, and you'll definitely never catch her wearing disco pants.  Love ya skittz, I know you're reading :)
Definitely need to start eating healthier and working out at least a little because ya girl's legs getting chunky and my tummy's not cute.  Plus I need to be beach bod ready for SPRANG BREAK cause we out to Dominican Republic in April!  I'm extremely excited weeeee.  

Top: Forever 21  Sweater: H&M  Pants: American Apparel  Shoes: Steve Madden  ✕ Hat: Soho

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