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February 7, 2015

A few months ago, Weylie mentioned an eyebrow gel that actually helped growth of her brows.  After overplucking for the past few years, my already sparse brows are extremely sparse now.  So I finally decided to go and purchase the brow gel she talked about.  Since I was going to order the gel I decided to just make the minimum shipping price so I shopped around a little more.  Here's my mini haul from Sephora!
Since it's super cold and dry out my hands have been so dehydrated and dry!  I was browsing through Sephora's site and this caught my eye.  Yes, the packaging caused me to make this purchase.. The color, the fonts, and the name "Hand Food."  Read the reviews and they were fairly high.  Then I kept browsing and saw this body scrub, and my legs have little dots on them, which I have no idea what they are, but supposedly this will make those little bumps go away!  So I thought to give it a shot.  The hand cream smells good I guess, not what I would normally buy, but at least it's not a strong floral smell. 

I. love. face. masks.  So I didn't even hesitate to try this.  There were a selection of "flavors" which all specialized in helping different problems.  I leaned toward the green tea one because my skin gets super oily throughout the day so I love mattifying products.  Plus I have pimples which led to pimple scars so anything to try to minimize them.  First off, I thought there were two masks.. but it turned out it was just a folder-type thing and inside a pocket was only one mask. One mask for $6 is ridiculous if you ask me.  It felt like any regular mask and when I first applied it, it smelled like alcohol in my opinion.  I won't be purchasing these Sephora masks again!  I can definitely find masks for way cheaper.
I just took advantage of some promo code that allowed me to get a free deluxe sample with my order over a certain amount.  None of the choices really appealed to me so I just settled with this.  By the way, this is Tata Harper's Regenerating Cleanser.  Don't know when I'll try it, don't know if I will, but it was free.  Always accept free stuff.
This is the brow gel I was talking about earlier, and I mean I just started using it so I am unsure of the results and if it will actually stimulate hair growth.  If it does I will definitely update you girls! I know lots of girls suffer from sparse brows due to overplucking or just genetics, and as Weylie would say, gotta help a sista out!

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