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February 25, 2015

I got lucky enough to escape the brutal weather of New York City this past weekend. My godsister had a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico! It was just my mom and I this vacation. We left on Friday at around 10AM, getting us to Cancun at around 2. Yes, that mirror picture was my ootd to the airport, so I was wearing a dress and sandals in 2 degree weather. God bless the uniqlo puffer jackets because they are so thin and convient, fold it up and it doesn't take up a lot of room.  We stayed at the Moon Palace (Nizuc area), and once we arrived they gave us those pretty flowers.  I absolutely love peonies, and these reminded me of mini peonies but my mom told me that these were carnations and they're the cheapest flowers out there.  We checked in, but our room wasn't ready so we headed straight to one of the buffets. I'm a super picky eater, so the buffet as a whole was alright, but there were definitely a few dishes that I did really enjoy.
Both my parents don't drink. So I wasn't expecting to be drinking at all this trip, but my godsis convinced my mom to let me drink!! I was shocked. I don't know if all midori sours in Mexico taste like this, but it wasn't the usual midori sour that I get in the city. It tasted like green juice with a bit of alcohol in my opinion. I prefer midori sours in the city. We had dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse in our resort, and it was a new experience. One of the meats, not really sure what it was, but it was deliciouuus. Definitely need to go to a Brazilian Steakhouse in the city; my godsister said there's a really good one in Tribeca so I must go! After dinner, it was still early so my mom and I just decided to stroll along and explore the resort. The pool area was so nice, and we took some pictures.  It wasn't even 11 when we got back to the room, but I was ready to pass the hell out.  We took showers, washed up, and I ended up knocking out at around 11:30. (For those who don't know, I am a night owl and I usually sleep around 3.) 

Dress: Forever 21  Vest: Forever 21  Bag: Target  Hat: Soho streets
(I have no idea where my sandals are from)

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